Fox Valley Clinical Research Center

Welcome to Fox Valley Clinical Research Center (FVCRC)

The only dedicated research center in the Chicago Fox Valley area. FVCRC was developed to provide cutting edge research opportunities on a local level, making it easy to access trials and maintain local physician participation and oversight.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of research opportunities to the people of our community while always putting the safety and well-being of our participants first. 

Our dedication to this mission is reflected in the exceptionally qualified physician investigators that oversee our studies and in our highly experienced, competent, and compassionate research staff. Our ability to always maintain the highest level of competence and genuine caring about our participants is validated by the large number of research participants wanting to participate again.

The physicians and staff of FVCRC hope that you will consider the gift of participation and share in the discovery of new treatments that may help not only you, but millions of other people as well.