Featured Studies

Study A

  • Adults Age 18 to 75
  • Currently on Blood Thinners
  • Compensation - $100
  • Time Commitment – 1 hour

Study B

  • Adults diagnosed with Afib within last 6 months
  • Compensation – Free Gift
  • Time Commitment – 30 mins

Study C

  • Adults who have had a heart attack within past year
  • Compensation - $600
  • Time Commitment – Varies (Call for more details)

Participants must meet all inclusion criteria and have no exclusion criteria to participate. Restrictions may apply. Free gifts are while supplies last.

Did you know...

... that most medicines available today would not be possible without the contribution of clinical research volunteers? That includes treatment for diseases like childhood leukemia, which is now curable in 70% of cases. One-half as many men die due to coronary heart disease as did 40 years ago. The five-year breast cancer survival rate has increased to 88%. Each day, research discovers new information about diseases and their treatment — thanks to the help of clinical research volunteers.

Clinical Studies

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